Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pain and Prejudice

In another prime example of how well I handle the daunting task of priority management; instead of working this weekend I took a road trip to Alabama for a rugby tournament. We won both games against the managerial unclean/shaven hordes or Auburn and Alabama State. In my moderately inebriated state I took numerous punishing blows throughout the game, some so dramatic they linger in my mind still; my quadriceps are noticeably sore today.

As I look over a soundly snoring girlfriend I noticed a cool life hack about sleeping. I remember when I was back in basic training I was always tired, but after while I got used to short nights and adapted. See this map for peak foliage colors in America? Notice how the state of Florida is not represented? I need to move out of this swamp quickly to a place that has actual soil as opposed to sand. If there was a shortage of food tomorrow I don't think I could survive on oranges.

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