Sunday, November 13, 2005

Someone Employ Me

Kind of a frustrated rugby match today against Jacksonville means RFC. I played a few different positions and we ended up with the win from a kick. Anyone who thinks that nicotine doesn't effect the body, or that the body can be conditioned to its effects is sadly mistaken. I could feel my heart beat like a hummingbirds wings in the timid 81 degree weather sprinting down the field this afternoon.

I've been watching this show on called Rome; its excellent but I have come to expect such from HBO. I can't wait for The Sopranos to come back, I also watch Lost on ABC because I think it is a departure from television that reduces brain cells, I already do enough of that by myself.

I love hearing questions like what three things would you take if you were stranded on a island because sometimes people answer creative things. I would definitely want to have something that starts fire though, as that would be the most important I would think.

My finances are a major issue lately as I involuntarily ceased working at my serving job. I have been sort of racking my brain with schemes to make the money which I so desperately need. I often think about how much I was making in Orlando and how I threw it away so nonchalantly.

My buddy Mark moved to Las Vegas and is blogging his newfound poker lifestyle. I feel envious when I read about $1700 purchases and $600 winnings. I am not much for poker, I don't like the odds. I guess I just feel like I am in a situation where I am forced to rely on other people too much, and that is something my upbringing has instilled within me a natural aversion for.

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