Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Idiot Savant

Congratulations, Michael!
Your IQ score is 136

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that's just a small part of what we know about you from your test results.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Death and Politics

Rush Limbaugh was in the Opinion Journal talking conservative politics. I largely enjoyed his post, dispute it's overwhelmingly obtuse look at conservatism.
"Abortion is only one of countless areas in which a mere nine lawyers in robes have imposed their personal policy preferences on the rest of us. The court has conferred due process rights on terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay and benefits on illegal immigrants. It has ruled that animated cyberspace child pornography is protected speech, but certain broadcast ads aired before elections are illegal; it has held that the Ten Commandments can't be displayed in a public building, but they can be displayed outside a public building; and the court has invented rationales to skirt the Constitution, such as using foreign law to strike down juvenile death penalty statutes in over a dozen states."

Now correct me if I am wrong but has not the supreme court been in a conservative majority for a long time now, if not for most of what I would assume to be the aforementioned relatively new decisions. Another reason why I don't vote; the decisions that truly change our way of life are made by bureaucrats.

Great way to go

This is the best way to go, I always thought Powerpoint was so informational. I love type faces, I really like this cool typeface date game. I am definitely Futura, I like it's sexy gothic curves with sharp ends.

I like this idea of Bumvesting but I would much rather give them some liquor or drugs, I mean that is what they will work hardest for because it is what they really want, realistically speaking. I would be more interested in getting my car washed; a bum car wash would be so profitable.

Pain and Prejudice

In another prime example of how well I handle the daunting task of priority management; instead of working this weekend I took a road trip to Alabama for a rugby tournament. We won both games against the managerial unclean/shaven hordes or Auburn and Alabama State. In my moderately inebriated state I took numerous punishing blows throughout the game, some so dramatic they linger in my mind still; my quadriceps are noticeably sore today.

As I look over a soundly snoring girlfriend I noticed a cool life hack about sleeping. I remember when I was back in basic training I was always tired, but after while I got used to short nights and adapted. See this map for peak foliage colors in America? Notice how the state of Florida is not represented? I need to move out of this swamp quickly to a place that has actual soil as opposed to sand. If there was a shortage of food tomorrow I don't think I could survive on oranges.