Saturday, August 12, 2006

Chicago sounds like the destination

Water, Water, Everywhere, and Plenty to Drink - New York Times:

"Ray Poe, a 38-year-old real estate developer, has seen how a $400,000 investment in a 43-foot Carver motor yacht can pave the way for an extravagant life after hours. He bought the boat earlier this year on a whim and now he has some 30 people most weekend days on his boat about 20 of them women and hauls sound equipment, along with vodka, beer and ice for Brian Pfeiffer, a promoter for a club called Surreal Chicago. In return, he is welcomed into the V.I.P. rooms of many clubs in town. “When you own a boat, everyone is your new friend,” Mr. Poe said."

I know I'm going to do a big city when I graduate, I enjoy the conveniencece and access to rare goods that small towns don't offer. I loved Chicago when I went there as a child and I think it might just have the perfect mix of accoutrements. The top super leauge rugby team, great pizza, midwest location, huge financial job opportunities, water, and night life.

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Anonymous said...

I loved Chicago whenever I visited. I wish that's where I would have gone to school.