Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Take the highway to the end of the night

Well things are about to change again in a big way, as always it seems. My life fades into the construct of ellipsis, an uncompleted thought yet fulfilled in the respect that we are all incomplete.

They say that luck is opportunity intersecting with preparation, yet lately it seems more divinity than opportunity.

I am in continually incredulous at the true nature of people, character judgment seems to forever be a weakness of mine. To be inconvenienced is an annoyance, yet only when we bare the burden the inconvenience possesses gravity. I must be ruthless from now on, I need to consider that no one is on my side but me.

I try to ignore my thoughts of personal responsibility for situations in which I have little control. Yet I can not seem to manage the desire for greater foresight in my continual analysis of lesser hindsight.

The slow train moves, busting its levers and warping its track..
Next stop: Inconsequential, so long as it remains far from the beginning.

What will I do when I get there, what will I do if I don't? I know that there is nothing here for me, but there might not be anything there, either.

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