Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brings a Smile to My face

When asked why Toyota will soon become the number one auto maker in the world an executive replied ""American automakers are in trouble because their products are no good," Noguchi said. The challenge for Toyota would be guarding against eroding profitability as it lifts vehicle sales, he said." BuisnessWeek

Hahah! Can't you just see him wearing samurai clothing saying that with a heavy accent. American BAD! Japanese way! BEST! HAI!

I'm all for it. My entire life, I have always affirmed that I will never buy an American car. I could care about domestic industry when we produce crap like say anything Ford or Chevy makes excluding trucks. I hate trucks, but the Toyota Tacoma is rather sporty looking :)

Oh, and for the second time, Krispy Kreme appointed an Ex Tobacco Exec to the board. Hahahah. Can we say death, America?

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