Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Seven calories per gram

"Upon entering the bar, we very quickly became ‘those girls.’ You know, the girls who are laughing too loudly and spilling their drinks like fucking idiots? Yeah, those girls. The only reason we didn’t get thrown out was because I kept thrusting $10 bills at the bartender every time we made a mess." - Violent Acres

Margaritas are great, I love the taste of them but I usually stay clear. Cactus has a strange effect on everyone. It makes me a bit violent.

I was having a conversation with a friend about how much I loathe people who cannot control themselves, in any state or fashion. An acquaintance of mine, Napoleon (given this moniker because he is a hearty representation of the complex) was telling a story last night about how he was so coked up while he was driving and he was high as a kite yada yada.. Such a great idea.

Another thing that annoys me. When men talk to other men about girls who wish to sleep with them, yet they do not want to reciprocate for some odd reason. Always be skeptical of a man that won't sleep with an attractive female for any reason less then utterly legitimate(I mean like she has a disease, a strangely haired body part, or is dirty... or something). If the woman is attractive this man is a fool or a liar. Men by nature desire to mate.. It is what we do. To deny thy own nature is by nature a questionable act..

I think it is hard to find people that you are compatible with on a relationship level, however even harder to find people you can get fucked up with and not get annoyed to tears with their ruminations on life or excessive chatter. I like to zone and watch TV or have conversations of depth. Others like to speak endlessly in gradually escalating timbre on subjects which they know little. Those people should all die.

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