Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Econ Geek

I love economics blogs. I think the world is best understood by patterns and data. I was talking about racism the other day, commenting on the fact that it is just a learned behavior and I came about this post about Darwin and his belief that genocide is an acceptable behavior. Hardly natural selection, but then again from a purely scientific perspective I suppose genocide is an artificial form of natural selection.. Crazy.

So I have really intense DOMS which means I need to get some vitamin C and stretch out or I'm going to walking down the stairs like an old man for the rest of the week until this lactic acid goes away. Squats always do it to me. I love packing on pounds, I've always been good at gaining weight. If all goes to schedule I will start a cutting diet by the end of Jan and come spring break I'm going to be shredded and etched.

I made the mistake of joking with my roommates that my ass was so hard I could crack a pecan with it. Insert jokes here :)


Claire said...

I was watching your cam and your dog is awfully cute!

Jerry said...

Check out Swivel if you enjoy ECON blogs/Web sites.