Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Everybody's Doing It

  • So why can't we, I miss The Cranberries
  • My portfolio is pissing me off, I want to sell CHK, confounded energy sector
  • I just bought Apple and now its sliding!
  • Cramer says they are both buys so i'll ride out the hoildays
  • I wish I had a job that I could actually motivate myself to work at
  • I need another job
  • I like waiting tables, its mindless and the quickest easiest money
  • Where should I wait tables
  • I hate dogs that sneeze in my face or have snaggle teeth
  • People say you can tell much about someone from their dog
  • This dog's owner is a lazy slob that likes to sleep.. very true from what I hear
  • Why am I excited today? Because Wednesday is smoke herb and workout day
  • Smoke and workout? Yes, because I push myself harder and focus more
  • Herb = The Natural Adderall
  • After the workout i'm going to work on my screenplay and eat!
  • I need to go shopping
  • I shouldn't of spent 25 bucks on sushi yesterday, that was dumb
  • Adderall = Crack
  • Blogging = Also Crack
  • Undisciplined Children = ADD
  • I think adding 6-8lbs by the end of January is realistic enough
  • Me = Going over board with the list...


Claire said...

Hey, which one of your roommates works at Pockets? And does she work on Sundays? We're there from about noon until 5 every Sunday during football season.

Moody Meow said...

I have beagles. I don't know what that says about me. It must mean that I love peanut butter and carrots and I snore. Yeah, that's it.

I am still trying to wrap my brain around smoking and working out. Interesting concept.....

Moody Meow said...

You really do make me laugh. I get these mental images, intentional or not of a stoned bodybuilder. It just seems dangerous, and damned amusing.

I think if I wasn't tested, I would still smoke. I do find the idea of running in that state very appealing.

Heavy metal doesn't do it for me. I'm all about beats. Not that metal doesn't have them, but I just can't take anything seriously with the image of grown men in tights with poofy hair trying to take themselves seriously.