Saturday, December 30, 2006


  • Yes, I am on vacation
  • I've gained lots of weight and haven't exercized
  • I'm a fat bastard, actually
  • I spend most of my evenings getting shot down by ugly, older townie women
  • Funny how Orlando women think their excrement smells lovely
  • I miss the beauty of supply and demand pressure that results in easy Tallahassee women
  • Funny how I am already eager to go back to school
  • Grades weren't great, but they were satisfactory. 3 Classes to go
  • Thinking about a cruise for spring break
  • Back in town on the 2nd
  • Chateau d'Yquem is amazing


Moody Meow said...

Sometimes school is the best home. Hope the poo stink of Orlando's women (and I am going to assume you are talking about single women since the married women of Orlando shit out rose petals and daisies) doesn't stay with out when you head back to Tallahassee.

Happy Holidaze

Claire said...

your link to wiki isn't working, so fars I can tell.