Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Nihil Sine Labore

Another new year rolls by and last year's is still fresh in my mind. The gym was less than welcoming as my lazy frame struggled with weights far less then my staple of previous years. Feel like I'm 28, not 21. It was great to come back to Tallahassee; the deserted streets depict a climate of suicide yet I love the ever present haze of water that hangs in the humid air, chilling bones like a crisp wet freeze. Many things can grow in this wet earth, but this year I'm planting only ambition with determination.

Got a chance to play with Orlando means Rugby squad over winter break. Always great to hear arrogant yet skillful Australians and Englishmen cussing and conversing. A few guys from UCF were there, adamant that they will come out victorious in our February match at UCF. I love competition, it eases my stress.

So here we go with the true test. Sixteen credits, two jobs, and six day training split. Call it a feasibility study. My father spoke some unusually erudite words that ring in my mind. Early in my life I was sprinting ahead and somewhere in my life I started jogging. I think it is time to start running again.