Saturday, February 4, 2006

Breaking the Cycle

So far so good as February rolls in here in northern Florida. Both of the jobs are going well; I posted good sales numbers in January at but I really want to find another job. It is great because I can come and go whenever I please and I have my own office downtown but I just feel like I could be making more. I have two interviews lined up for this week but I just I hope that I can find something that will work around my school schedule. I thinking about quitting with the State but I like the security that the job offers.

I think I was always meant to be an early riser, my neighbor and I have been doing the 4:30 am thing and I am hoping to get into the routine of it. I fell asleep in class a few times but I know that it is just my brain requiring more time to organize itself, not a physical thing. I lost 8 lbs in January and I am feeling better about reaching my goals.

Last weekends rugby match felt like a setback to my game. I didn't want to smoke before the game so I could play cerebral. I've enjoyed the no fear aggression that inebriation added to my assault but I want to start thinking more as my physical ability can only diminish with increasing age. I took a head butt to the face which broke my nose and burst blood vessels across my face. After a week away from practice watching the win against USF today I decided that I want to return to the pack, revisit some of the fundamentals of physicality and tackling that made me the great back line player I felt I was last year.