Monday, May 1, 2006

Act the Part

I was watching Meet the Fockers the other day and came upon a thought. If anyone hasn't seen the movie, which I doubt, they will notice that there are two types of parents in the film. One set are extremely obsessive compulsive, particular, conservative, etc.. While the other set are liberated, emotional, accepting, not strict, etc..

Now obiviously they each have their own comedic pitfalls and behaviors that make the movie interesting but there was a discernible difference in their natures that I felt was quite illustrative in many interactional difficulties that I encounter on a regular basis with my peers. As a child of divorce my mother was one set and my father was the other.

Frequently I have noticed that I have had greater difficulty with not sweating the small things, humility, and rude comments in mixed company. I know that these difficulties stem from the unaccepting nature that I possess; a distaste for certain attitudes and behaviors.

I grew up with the liberal parent accepting of everything and extremely liberal. When I moved to live with the other parent at a key juncture in my adolescence I was exposed to the conservative parent. I immediately rejected the new rules and longed for my original environment, however as I aged and progressed along the path of life I came to realize that the conservative and disciplined approach to life is the one that breeds the most success.

There are some people that think that the primary concern at all times should be to have a good time and to be happy in all of their actions. I disagree, I think that the greatest happiness comes from things you work the hardest for.

I am often called extremely negative, and while I do think that I look at the harshest side of life, I am not entirely negative. I am realistic to the point of being hypercritical, and it is this critical nature that drives me to always look for flaws.

There are hordes and multitudes who hate this trait, who think that I am a downer ( like my roommate who regularly chimes that we would "never be friends" if we did not cohabitate.) So hate me because I choose to look at the problem rather than the bright side. I am not a 'why not', I am a 'why.' Why is 22 too young to be worrying about future finances or investing? Why is 'because your in college' a reason to punish your liver and fuck your body up permanently?

I realize that it is time to start acting the part again. I have lapses of laziness and excess yet the Spartan man is a successful one. I can no further continue fruitless endeavors, it compromises my ideals.

It is time again to return to self discipline. Obedience is the greatest freedom.