Friday, October 13, 2006

Excellent Lunch Break Reading

The NY times is the best, it has the best columnists and I love reading it. Michael Pollan is the new leader of the war against fructose corn syrup. Read:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that our food supply now sickens 76 million Americans every year, putting more than 300,000 of them in the hospital, and killing 5,000. The lethal strain of E. coli known as 0157:H7, responsible for this latest outbreak of food poisoning, was unknown before 1982; it is believed to have evolved in the gut of feedlot cattle. These are animals that stand around in their manure all day long, eating a diet of grain that happens to turn a cow’s rumen into an ideal habitat for E. coli 0157:H7. (The bug can’t survive long in cattle living on grass.)

Also, excercize is the best cure for everything. Part of my mantra. Read:
“We’re turning people who were heroin addicts, cocaine addicts, crack addicts into marathon runners,” said Peter Provet, the president of Odyssey House. “I really believe it’s a model for other treatment centers.

Lastly, LET THEM HAVE THE BOMB... They aren't going to use it, they just want to be taken seriously. We should just ignore and sanction, why are we pandering...Read:

While the North Koreans could kill a lot of people, they do not pose as great a threat to world security as imperial Japan did. Never have they shown any interest in forging an empire. All the same, the irrationality of their worldview is such that we should, at the very least, stop assuming that they would never use their own weaponry.

I want to dance like this kid

And here is some assorted Friday squirrel knowlege I stole from a myspace
Squirrels belong to the order Rodentia. There are 365 species. They mate twice a year. Their nests are called dreys. Their sweat glands are on their feet. They can run 20 miles an hour. Their teeth never stop growing. Gnawing keeps squirrels' teeth from growing into their necks. When frightened, they dart back and forth to confuse predators. This doesn't work with cars, however, so most city squirrels don't live longer than a year. Although considered granivores, they will eat almost anything. Gray squirrels bury their acorns all over the place, then forget where. Forgotten acorns become trees. This forgetfulness is the main way oak and other hardwood forests grow and spread, scientists say. Gray squirrels are called "living fossils" because they haven't changed much in 37 million years.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Now that is a woman.

To eat or not to eat

"To his mind, the 65 percent of Americans who are overweight or obese got that way, in part, because they didn’t realize how much they were eating. "

Interesting article in the Times about eating and perception...

"For example, sit next to the person you think will be the slowest eater when you go to a restaurant, and be the last one to start eating. Plate high-calorie foods in the kitchen but serve vegetables family style. Never eat directly from a package. Wrap tempting food in foil so you don’t see it. At a buffet put only two items on your plate at a time."

You can't go wrong with guess the meat age guessing game.. I need to go shopping today.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Midday Muse

10 Things you Didn't know.. We don't even have Caribou coffee in this town, for shame i've heard it is good..

Another great informational post over at Freakonomics. I can't wait read this book.. it is on my Zooba list..