Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Humbled, the consumate contrarian

Walking through the valley of the shadow has rendered me inherently different yet again. The challenge that affronts me is the modification my natural behavior, behavior that I have long exhibited in company. I found my desire beautifully explained in the Tao Te Ching, Chapter 22.

If you want to become whole,
first let yourself become broken.
If you want to become straight,
first let yourself become twisted.
If you want to become full,
first let yourself become empty.
If you want to become new,
first let yourself become old.
Those whose desires are few gets them,
those whose desires are great go astray.

For this reason the Master embraces the Tao,
as an example for the world to follow.
Because she isn't self centered,
people can see the light in her.
Because she does not boast of herself,
she becomes a shining example.
Because she does not glorify herself,
she becomes a person of merit.
Because she wants nothing from the world,
the world can not overcome her.

I am boastful, and I am full of pride. This I must change, despite being ingrained in my personality. If I am ever to succeed mentally and physically I will have to learn to keep my mouth shut, and my actions forever in motion.