Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rico Suave

So i'm probably going to make Penne Rustica for someone who has been begging me for it this weekend. People are such suckers for Marsala creme sauces.

Sex Mistakes huh. I like this one:

29 Holding her head when she goes down on you

Pretty similar to number 28, but this time, holding her head and moving it up and down on your penis is the no-no. If you think that's acceptable sexual etiquette you've been watching too many of the wrong kind of films.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Violent Acres is my hero. I wish she had a comment or contact section on her blog so I could respond to her beautifully crafted posts. This one on mothers is one of my favorites.

If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it is female laziness. There is nothing more attractive and inspiring to anyone than a pregnant woman in the gym, refusing to succumb to desires of entire cartons of ice cream.

I almost threw up looking at some of the women on the birthing mother site. I was an 11-12 pound baby, who never really ate baby food skipping to watery solids almost instantly. My mother had to be strong to carry my heavy ass, I credit her healthy diet to my overall excellent health. I refuse to believe that a 10lb baby should warrant a 30 or more lb weight gain.

Also, lets talk about people that cannot write. You know why you can't write? Simply because you do not read. My roommate told me the other day that she hates reading and believe me her speech reflects such. How can you hate reading, it is a vital skill that brought us from the stone age.

Call me elitist, however there is nothing more annoying that people who can't speak or use the word "like" every five words. So grateful for parents that exposed me to learning and information at such a young age.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Interesting Point

The artist Jean Dubuffet said in an interview: "The secret is to do a thing badly. If you serve spinach the way it should be, no one notices or remembers it. Whereas if you burn it ..." - The Register