Thursday, December 14, 2006


"Take one white spoiled middle class girl, add an undeserved sense of entitlement, a dash of nicknames such as ‘princess’ and ‘diva’ and then toss her aside to stew for a few years."

More brilliance from violent acres.

Ever hear things that members of the opposite sex mention that instantly alert you of a mismatch. For me, there are always certain traits, things, etc, that almost never fail in alerting me that "this girl is not for me." One of those things is when a woman tells me, "Oh I hate cats!"

I don't understand why anyone would particularly hate any animal who is by nature benevolent after eons of co evolution with humanity (other than Chihuahua's, I fucking hate those worthless rat dogs). Sure sometimes they are surly, non sociable, and ill tempered but so are people. Only dogs are always happy to see you, cats have good and bad days too.

There is a certain type of woman who hates cats, I have never understood what brings about this feeling of animosity against the penultimate example of personality in animals, so much more so than dogs who are slaves to their simple natures. I love dogs, I like to get rough and play with them, but I love cats because they are like people. They are independent and lead dual lives. They do what we would do if we were cats, lay around, bathe, get into trouble, and eat.

So what gives? Why do women dislike the creature of which they are closest in nature. In my experience it is those women who wish to rebel against their nature and wield power to achieve their aims that dislike felines. Women that use their bodies and minds as weapons to conquer feats in life; they don't like cats because they distrust the inherent nature in cats, as they can not gauge it nor manipulate it.

Cats are independent, and those women that hate them are much the same. They surround themselves with inferiors and non-threats so that when at leisure they need not worry about battle with others. I think that women who hate cats have inferiority complexes. I could be wrong as I often am, but one must admit that there is a certain type of woman that hates cats, and another all together that has 4 of them in her house.

I'll take the one somewhere in between.