Friday, December 22, 2006


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Did a photo shoot and I got some cool pictures.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Everybody's Doing It

  • So why can't we, I miss The Cranberries
  • My portfolio is pissing me off, I want to sell CHK, confounded energy sector
  • I just bought Apple and now its sliding!
  • Cramer says they are both buys so i'll ride out the hoildays
  • I wish I had a job that I could actually motivate myself to work at
  • I need another job
  • I like waiting tables, its mindless and the quickest easiest money
  • Where should I wait tables
  • I hate dogs that sneeze in my face or have snaggle teeth
  • People say you can tell much about someone from their dog
  • This dog's owner is a lazy slob that likes to sleep.. very true from what I hear
  • Why am I excited today? Because Wednesday is smoke herb and workout day
  • Smoke and workout? Yes, because I push myself harder and focus more
  • Herb = The Natural Adderall
  • After the workout i'm going to work on my screenplay and eat!
  • I need to go shopping
  • I shouldn't of spent 25 bucks on sushi yesterday, that was dumb
  • Adderall = Crack
  • Blogging = Also Crack
  • Undisciplined Children = ADD
  • I think adding 6-8lbs by the end of January is realistic enough
  • Me = Going over board with the list...

Econ Geek

I love economics blogs. I think the world is best understood by patterns and data. I was talking about racism the other day, commenting on the fact that it is just a learned behavior and I came about this post about Darwin and his belief that genocide is an acceptable behavior. Hardly natural selection, but then again from a purely scientific perspective I suppose genocide is an artificial form of natural selection.. Crazy.

So I have really intense DOMS which means I need to get some vitamin C and stretch out or I'm going to walking down the stairs like an old man for the rest of the week until this lactic acid goes away. Squats always do it to me. I love packing on pounds, I've always been good at gaining weight. If all goes to schedule I will start a cutting diet by the end of Jan and come spring break I'm going to be shredded and etched.

I made the mistake of joking with my roommates that my ass was so hard I could crack a pecan with it. Insert jokes here :)

Monday, December 18, 2006


It amazes me how much time I can waste. I have been in my office all day, and I have made around 2 phone calls. I know I have a sale on the horizon that should fall any day now so I am slacking a bit but I really need to get crackalackin.

So I started a Mel Gibson argument. I'm sorry if I am the atypical human being that I am. I am just not offended by his, or Michael Richards, or any other wacked out human's drunken tirades. I think the N word is just a word, and people who get pissed about it are unintelligent. Who cares about it's history. Time spent worrying about racism is time that could be spent on something incalculably more productive.

Being half and half, racism just never bothers me. I've been profiled, I've been discriminated, so what. It happens, people learn it from their parents. It is human nature to dislike that which is different from yourself when you are able to understand the differences.

So there are only 2 degrees of separation in Tallahassee. No one steal that because I'm am patenting that idea/phrase/concept. Everyone in this city knows someone who knows you. I have never failed on this. This is why everyone is aching to get out after they graduate, not because this city is any inferior to any other small town. You just end up knowing everyone. Through the promiscuous behavior of college, you know too many people, then you end up having places you can't go. Restaurants you can't eat at, places you can't work at, people you don't want to see. Rinse repeat, Rinse Repeat.

I love the fact that there are women that still bake and give out xmas cookies. My metabolism however does not and it hates me right now.

I need a dog because I'm going to be single forever.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


"Mel Gibson combines his infamously twisted sensibilities and mammoth talents to create a bold and visionary telling of the downfall of the Mayan civilization."

I love Mel Gibson, I think his movies are thought provoking and visually stunning in an era where society dislikes being urged to think in the theater. I love his use of subtitles, a move again so criticized by American audiences because of laziness. I thought
this movie was sheer genius and you should go see it. I usually gage how good a movie is on if I would actually want to watch it again and Apocalypto is a healthy candidate.