Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fat America

I love reading about how fat and lazy Americans are, because it is so true. Whole food is just so much better and filling.

I love going, well actually I hate going shopping with my roommates because my cart is filled always with tomatoes, oatmeal, eggs, milk, potatoes. Their carts are filled with boxes that say things like quick, microwavable, and instant. Then we get home and I am constantly asked how to make things. I don't know how your instant shit works, I am sorry. I know how to cook with ingredients, not boxes. One of the two is addicted to avocados now, she buys them and eats them whole like they are some kind of rare delicacy.

So felt and demonstrated the effects of the older generation. Teaching your daughters nothing practical but how to put on make up. I think the sexiest thing a woman can do is sew.


Claire said...

Have you seen "Supersize Me?" (Have we already talked about that?) I love watching that movie over and over because it reminds me how I have made the right decision by eating healthier... and not giving money to Burger King, Wendys, and McDonalds.

Moody Meow said...

Who teaches us to cook? Honestly? The first thing I learned to cook was macaroni and cheese out of the box. I think the second thing was Hamburger Helper. I was eight. My transition from box-food eater to cook has been slow. Honestly, some things are just easier when you are short on time. So I am partially in defense of sort-of instant stuff, just not glow-in-the-dark mac and cheese.

And we are a culture that needs to get off its ass. David and I had a conversation about the lack of walking, and how American consumers are too attached to their vehicles. Instead of parking and walking, they will troll for that one close parking spot. If people parked far and moved their fat asses more, perhaps it would change things, at least a little.pxsdh

SleepyOreo said...

I suppose I am biased because I grew up with two parents the loved food. My mother and I used to sit around on Sundays making crab Rangoon. I would get up early and go pick apples for apple crisp for breakfast. My mother would sit and peel potatoes and my sister would peel garlic. My father, a master of roasts and poached eggs.

Somewhere along the line cooking became a chore. It takes no more time to boil water or turn on the oven than it does the microwave. People just do not enjoy it now, as the cult of Rachel Ray makes people believe that it should be easy and take no effort. It takes no more time just a little preparation. What is complicated about flour, water, and yeast.

I wouldn't be so down on prepared food, except that it is just so bad for you. Box food isn't healthy, the cheese in macaroni and cheese is not real cheese.