Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm the Motherfucking Flash

Damn, I guess I need to relinquish another victory to my mother. I am in need of an alarm clock. My internal alarm clock is highly functional, and I do awaken before the sun more often than not, but this particular morning I decided to go back to bed. Not such a good idea when I had my first spanish test.

Mornings like this I relish the fact that I am a man, able to get ready in fifteen seconds and be out of the door sprinting down the stairs in sandals. Damn, I love my zippy new car, down the street, snuck in behind a teacher in the teacher parking lot and able to make it to class a mere 16 mins late. Wow, that is about 8 mins flat from waking up and realizing I was late to writing my name on the page.

Diet diet diet, just getting into it. I really wonder how it is going to be when I am at week 3 or 4, after the exact same thing every day. I love the challenge and relish in it.

I am opening another bank account today with Wachovia to take advantage of their $50 sign on bonus. That will bring my total number of bank accounts to 5. Washington Mutual, Bank of America, Suntrust(through school), Wachovia, Emigrant Direct. That isn't counting paypal, and Citi, which handles my credit cards.

Wow, I love the bank such a great instution. I have a small position in Bank of America, the best one in my opinion. I like having lots of them because, well there is no harm in it, only greater utility. I never have to search around for a bank, and I keep most of my money in the one that pays the most interest. I can cash a check anywhere, and if I need credit services I am alreay an account holder and can shop around. Ole!

Damn I love finance.

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