Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ok, i'll do a list too

  • I like this weather, almost indicative of my moods
  • In a better mood today as I secured my new license, and a good picture to boot
  • Good day in the market
  • Pan seared some Tilapia for lunch. Yummy
  • The new season of Rome was great, but I was pissed because I wanted to see the speech of Mark Antony which they did not show..
  • I am in the market for a cheap car and I can't find one and it sucks
  • I realized today that I should get some kind of law degree, they are just so useful in business
  • I feel like Penne Arrabbiata but I have no pepperocini...
  • I'm starting my diet on the 29 and I'm excited call me masochistic
  • Making good money designing some expense spreadsheets for an Orlando company, excel is such a useful skill
  • been taking lots of pictures, I need to get on Moody's level ;)


Moody Meow said...

I can't wait for more get off your ass already! You should give information about them also, because I like to know what I'm ogling. Sorry, I am a selfish voyeur.

And I like lists - they are fun.

I love Rome. I've watched it religiously,and I'm now researching the history and truth behind the series. I am woefully ignorant.

Claire said...

See? Aren't lists cathartic?