Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sunday Sunday

Looks like the sun decided to come out of her hiding. Soon Tallahassee will be a warmer tepid mess, oh the joys of global warming.

I got tagged.

5 Things People Don’t Know About Me

1.) When I was in the army, and we got our first weekend leave we went to a strip club called Jaguars in El Paso, Texas. I got one lap dance and tipped the girl six dollars when she informed me the dance was $30. I was unnerved and totally turned off, I hate strip clubs to this day.

2.) I play rugby. I've broken my nose three times and hands three times, only two of those instances did I go to the hospital.

3.) My career goal is to have enough money to not be working by age 36, and own a large plot of land where I can start a vineyard/elk farm. There I will produce wine, cheese, elk meat, and various fruits and vegetables. I will also operate a small restaurant on the property.

4.) I think natural selection has chosen hybrid races such as mine as the vehicle for human evolution, and soon everyone will look like me. Either a massive plague or large scale conflict will eventually prove this theory correct. Men that chose to shave their heads are embracing a more efficient, aerodynamic lifestyle as hair is merely an aesthetic for those who are slaves to their phenotypes. Baldness has been proven an innovation of genetic evolution to increase signaling efficiency.

5.) I think Jim Morrison was a great poet and admire Jews above all other cultures.

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