Monday, February 26, 2007

August 4th, 9 am. The end of struggle, the beginning of domination

It will be a day that will live in infamy, the hearts and minds of the many men and women whom have aided in my climb through higher education will be vindicated. In the face of adversity, bleeding on as ambition goaded me along the road less traveled. The more difficult road, the one that began at University Elementary School in small town suburbia and will end upon the red bricks of Florida State University.

Be there, when the heat of the searing sun shall be defeated by an impregnable cloak of black graduation shrouds, when crowns of distinction will illuminate the heads of the learned, and where the cogs of the machine of destiny shall smile upon me.


I have made all the calculations; fate will do the rest.
Napoleon Bonaparte


Claire said...

I like the way you described it. If only I ever felt proud when I graduated - both times.

Swambo said...

Good Lord!