Friday, February 2, 2007

My lips are bleeding

And I love the cold, I enjoy the naked look on the trees, with their last few leaves clinging to life. They are ever fooled by this sudden cold weather. The blue jays are having a blast in it, as blue jays often do anywhere, they are the life of any season.

I am much the contrast. I think people can just read the look of boredom on my face, as last night of course not drinking I sat around people watching at the bar, and went to watch a friend play with his hideously loud band at some squalid alcoholic location (a frat house.) The frat house was much like I'd imagined a frat to be, full of women asking to get date raped, men holding cheap beer cans, and camouflage regalia.

What? That huge confederate flag? Oh, I'm sorry.. 'rebel battle flag.' Come now, thats pride..not prejudice. Yet is still makes me uneasy as the only brown man walking into the lair of the white institutional masses. So funny how young white adolescents all look the same to me, and funnier still how even though I exclaim to be so culturally a-sensitive and androgynous, I am aware of the fact that America still considers me black. At least some people are having fun.

So I just "ahem" acquired John Digweed's new cd, Transitions Volume 2. It is excellent as usual, an elaborate journey of trance music laced with beats and sound. Highly recommended.

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