Monday, February 19, 2007

Successful Traits

I've said it time and time again. Jews are the race I hold in the highest esteem. I have seen numerous examples of the tenets of their culture ingrained with such discipline in their lives. This passage struck me as I was reading about the Russian-Jewish founder of google, Sergey Brin:
As we talk at the bagel shop, Michael keeps careful watch on the time. Every so often he leaps from his chair and dashes outside. This isn’t just for a smoke, although he does light up. He’s also keeping close tabs on the parking meters, his and mine, and takes care when the time runs out to drop in more quarters.
This man never has to work again he is worth so much, yet still he avoids petty expenses. I think the Montessori method is really superior as well.
“From my parents, I certainly learned to be frugal and to be happy without very many things,” Sergey tells me. “It’s interesting—I still find myself not wanting to leave anything on the plate uneaten. I still look at prices. I try to force myself to do this less, not to be so frugal. But I was raised being happy with not so much.”
Profound indeed.

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