Wednesday, April 18, 2007

After a brief respite

It would seem the trajectory has been altered dramatically yet again. The fox and I are no more, thanks to a candid conversation the other night highlighting our irrevocable differences. Simply incompatible was the judgment that we both agreed upon. It deeply saddens me because I am certain her statement of i was nothing but sweet to you is undeniably true, as I returned such sentiments with my regularly scheduled ass-hole commentary. Her good nature will give someone nothing but happiness. A shame I suppose as this person is not, and probably was never me.

So the cycle is restarting again. I am getting back to the routine, again with the motions. The bedtime becomes earlier, the gym becomes a more permanent fixture. I am moving out of my current place slowly, to a new place with male roommates that appears to be a much more agreeable environment than my current. I have final exams next week to finish my final full semester as an undergrad, six weeks of summer then estoy terminaste.

I think the difference in this most recent relationship failure is that I am making an attempt to forecast, rather than just act how I so desire. I know this one would have been harder to end if it continued any longer. sigh..

Interview's next month ranked according to desire of employment:
  • Ameriprise Financial (Ft. Lauderdale)
  • ING (Tampa)
  • Edward Jones (Tallahassee, laugh..)

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Allstarme79 said...

Good luck with your interviews!