Thursday, April 5, 2007

And Ye Shall Recieve

Tri-vocational once again! I like the new job (serving at Mozaik) thus far, which I will be working days, in tandem with my day position, as well as my night job at Z-Bardhi's.

I was musing with a comrade the other day about the educational system. He asked if I had any doubts about the seemingly insurmountable feat of economics graduate school. I told him that if at any point I actually put in the recommended effort for any class, I would be a Rhodes scholar. I have never encountered any subject that I was unable to grasp, merely ones that I deeply dislike (speech, psychology to a certain degree, information theory). I have procrastinated along, and would welcome a true challenge.

So the situation is at Def-Con something in my current living situation, I have been taking frequent refuge at the Fox compound. In the latest rampage of my aggressors over a misunderstanding on who owned a red wire basket, a box of my strawberries and prune juice were thrown away. I am now issuing an informal declaration of war on her and her slovenly shrew sympathisers. I will not act in the near future, I will wait for the perfect moment, say three months from now.

All confrontation is based on deception (Sun-Tzu) and I will deceive them into thinking I have forgotten that which I will stew upon until I am tepid like lobster bisque. They will pay for their transgressions against my food supply and personal items, very dearly.

Leaving for Orlando friday night to begin Easter festivites, and I will return on Sunday for Sopranos!

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