Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Winds of Change

Starting to blow by as events continue at their feverish pace. Two midterms down and undergraduate will soon be a memory. I was watching the kudzu along the side of Ocala street that engulfs the trees, remembering how it was the first thing I ever noticed in this city upon my initial visit, it seems so long ago. It was an ethereal rugby match played at night, I still remember watching the coin flip and agreeing to play in the icy rain following the captains meeting. Ideal rugby conditions. My hand was smashed by a cleat spike that night and I clutched it as I walked off the field. Less than six months later I would call this city home.

Now, as I am posed to leave I think about how much I have grown here, matured in my ambitions and desires. It goes in circles, as I left a small town for a large one, then came here to a small, and now I am on my way back to a large. I have aged here rapidly, much older than the years that I can count. Motivation burns stronger now, I feel more focused and wiser.

Now about that retirement in my mid thirties.. :)

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Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the hott little fox chic? I see she is no longer a part of your's always so hard to say goodbye to the hott ones,especially if they are hott and good hearted..that's a rare and lethal combination I tell you...Good luck to you bro..