Monday, June 18, 2007

i'm a changling, see me change

I love the movie The breakup. Beside the fact that it is tremendously funny, I found it refreshingly realistic. I was thinking about it today because there was more drama in my life. My friend tells me that he thinks the road I walk down is a dangerous one (regarding relationships), that I will end up unhappy because of my perspective. I tell him that I have never been one to settle. I'll just keep changing.

It is a strange relationship that I have with fate and destiny, I never try to fight it. The permanence of life makes it precious, and I feel that I can't waste time. Einstein says time is relative and I agree, but I don't think that it should be underutilized. So many are complacent to just waste it, tug along with whomever or whatever is familiar in their life. I am not one to lament over the past, but I will regret it.

Watching the movie Viva Zapata, I heard Brando (Zapata) say, "I am resolved to struggle against everyone and everybody." I think that I personally am resolved to struggle as well, but against anyone who holds me back. The reason being I have spent so much time holding myself back, all I can see is forward.

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saucyitalian said...

That movie does scream reality. I'll take one guess as to who said you would forever be unhappy.