Friday, July 20, 2007


People hate managers, but they will die for leaders. I turned my head towards him when I heard this phrase, I then began to pay closer attention. Took a deeper look at the ragged man I later would understand to be worth millions. His clothes did not fit, they seemed to hang on his frail aging body. The ability to exclaim spontaneous wisdom such as this so effortlessly him a made a permanent fixture in my mind for these past two days. Mr. Greenberg, the company's self proclaimed top agent.

He sat with us at the conference dinner, eager to share every vivid detail of his personal life. His tales made piquant by his scratchy grandfather speech. Confident in the fact of his excellence he exuded a slight braggadocio that transfixed not only myself but all of my peers. I sat next to him, not allowing anyone else a chance to pick his brain until I could eat my fill. I implored him for his secrets, "what is your day to day like? what sets you apart? how can I make it there?" Our Jewish Plato, sporting his Golden Lion polo filled us all with less of the concrete we craved and left us hungry.

He spoke of the things that one hears his entire lifetime, but only the giants of the world can truly teach. Integrity and the hundred fold return of kindness, the power of knowledge, and hard work. His secret was that he worked harder than everyone else, and still does. Yet it was not all garlands and triumphs. As he recounted his youth and his failed marriage I could see that the millions meant nothing to him, as the locomotive of his mind instantly derailed at the sight or mention of his daughter, his true jewel.

He inspired us all, as we commented moments later with glazed eyes and threw back the complementary alcohol. As I gnawed at his presence in my mind, I thought about my father describing his new big screen television as, "yeah, there is one bigger."

I pondered how I could follow in his methods and ideas. He is in bad shape from his vices, I will never allow myself that disease. The main thing is that Mr. Greenberg is happy because he loves what he does, and not even a failed marriage can take that away from him. I finally think I might have positioned myself to be in a similar circumstance, now about the hard work.

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