Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great Article

“I’m no demographer, but I think what’s happened in the U.S. is the normalization of the Jew,” says Leon Botstein, who, as the president of Bard College, has seen all sorts of students cross his field of vision. “They’ve become as complacent and culturally undistinguished as the average, suburban, white middle-class American.”

A bit heavy on the genetics, might want to keep wikipedia open if you don't know what a heterozygote. I read NY times and NY magazine, you would think that I should be living there. I think the city must be slowly dying at this point however, I am probably on the tail end of it's reign. Like Tom Wolfe said recently, pretty soon NY will just be a Disney Land.

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mabel jean said...

ny turning into a disneyland?? - idk my man, pretty hard to do that when ppl use phone booths as urinals...oh and i took some of your blogging advice - put something on the my top 5, rambling is very therapeutic