Friday, December 14, 2007

Who cares

Does anyone really care if you used steroids or not? No, no one really cares. The NFL wouldn't be as cool with out them. I don't really like baseball, but same deal. All these old fogies and historians complaining about records being tarnished. So what, did you think they'd stand forever? What is a record but a memory in the minds of men, that exists only because people choose to remember it. What happen when people forget or die. I am sure Babe Ruth, wherever he might be right now could give a damn about how many balls he hit out of a park.

If people want to jack themselves up, by all means it shouldn't be illegal. Isn't this a free country? If you could shoot up for a chance at millions of dollars, to become an icon, or break records I am sure given the opportunity most would do it. Just enhancing what is already apparent, it isn't like these people are getting grafts of new genetics.

Not that I take any gear or would ever. It is kind of like weed, it should be decriminalized. I know there is stuff that makes you go nuts, get aggressive, and grow boobs. Well news flash, people will abuse it if it's legal or not.

Stuff annoys me. Oh and my previous post was kind of a rant, and yes it is far fetched. It was a fun thought though.

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