Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm an Ass

El Presidente

The thing that really gets me about the whole situation is how he must feel every night. His approval is lower that Rush Limbaugh on a day without prescription meds and even Republicans are turning their backs on him. The mouthpiece of big industry he has done little throughout his reign, and what will his legacy be? A debt larger than anyone before him that I will have to pay for the rest of my life, and thousands of disabled veterans from a war that should have never been fought.

Sorry, but reading Moody's post about it got me thinking..I suppose there are worse leaders in the world..

In other news, the fox and I are getting along swimmingly. She is so prophetic and her prose bleeds into her speech at the most admirable instants. She tells me things that make my heart smile like "I love black and white movies, they are so much fun to figure out."

She has great taste in movies and is always smiling, she seems very honest and we share an unapologetic love for material things. She makes use of complex conversational metaphors that I love to ponder in the time when she isn't around. I am infatuated... but still I am keeping my eyes open.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


o you know what I hate, ridiculousness. I decided to eat a greasy ass Hardy's meal this morning and I ordered some meal that came with deep fried potatoes as well as meat and cheese and egg on a biscuit. With full knowledge that the meal I was about to imbibe probably contributes greatly to the obesity of America, I sat and waited. Then, the kind yet motley African American woman informed me they were out of biscuits, as well as another man standing next to me. We were both obliviously perturbed as they gave us the mess of food on a "burrito roll."

I really hate how people describe things based on what they are used for not what they actually are. (Pizza sauce, hamburger meat, nacho sauce, etc..why not ground beef, marinara, melted cheese...fools). The hypocrisy of it all I thought to myself as I looked at the menu gleaming with large, fat inducing starchy biscuits. What else do they even serve here, how could they run out? I suppose there is a first and last time for everything..

I ate the mess in silence and then chatted with Drew Weatherford for a second before going to class. Political Geography, to me it is a snooze fest, to my neighbors it is the essence of interesting. Sorry, but I'll take advanced economics any day.

I saw All The Kings Men, excellent movie. Stephanie picked it out which scored her big taste points with me. So smoothly the days go by, like leaves on the surface of a pond.

Monday, January 22, 2007

funny how ragged clerics make fun of the most powerful man in the world for his stupidity

As Iraq descends into a quagmire of anarchy and death, the death toll continues to rise..

Monday's explosions, which could be heard a mile away from the banks of the Tigris River, tore through the Bab al-Sharqi market shortly after noon in a clear attempt to kill as many people as possible at a time of day when commuters and shoppers tend to gather there in large numbers.

Witnesses said the force of the blasts sent jagged pieces of the sales stalls hurtling through the crowd. Body parts were strewn on the pavement, and heavy gunfire erupted. Black smoke billowed above the center of the capital.

What will the future generations think of our president, he who is so hated by so many. Looks like they are planing something and I think we are in a mess.

I can't imagine seeing anything like that. Body parts flying in all directions, I cheer the democrats, yes I dare say it. Minimum wage got passed, what has Bush done since the tax cuts but waste money and make Halliburton richer? Good thing I'm not there, fighting an enemy that cannot be recognized or discriminated, better armed and informed that I.

Really Good reading

First off, I would like to say that I'm dating a fox. She sits behind me in Spanish class. She is Italian, a very good listener and has the most beautiful eyes and great skin. She seems to be close with her family and has proved classy on numerous occasions. She is also affectionate and creative. She tells me that I am very amusing, and I feel like she likes to be around me as much as I her.

I have high hopes, yet I stay critical and slightly pessimistic, as I feel that I am destined to be single. Time will tell. She seems to deal well with my arrogance, and ever present didactic commentary.

Great stuff to read on the science websites.

I am getting worried about not having a car, I really need to get to the office and I have not been able to as of yet. I feel like I can skate by without a car for a little while longer as I am piling up money from my second job. If I could work my first for a solid couple weeks, then I know I would be able to afford something.

I am forced to gamble with fate, I just wish I could have more foresight.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


they said we couldn't play defense...

they said Payton couldn't play post season ball...

they said the patriots were the arch rivals...

biggest comeback in history..

The Colts are going to the big motherfucking dance baby. Big up 'nap town. Big up Indiana. We got this one!