Friday, February 9, 2007

Slow Cheetah

this song is just amazing....

Listening to the red hot chili peppers make such great music after all these years is really impressive. Their latest CD to me is definitive. It reminds me of the smashing pumpkin's Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness. Not so much an album, but a definitive statement on their belief expressed in a musical language, every song a separate emotion and the whole work a journey.

Waking up dead inside of my head
Whenever never do there is no med
No medicine to take
I’ve had a chance to be insane
Asylum from the falling rain
I’ve had a chance to break

It’s so bad it’s got to be good
Mysterious girl misunderstood
Dressed like a wedding cake
Any other day and I might play
A funeral march for Bonnie Brae
Why try and run away

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Best Of Tumeric

Some of my greatest hits...


Humbled the Consumate Contrarian

Thoughts of a Predicate Felon


Great Words


God, this man is my hero

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Gay names and female eating habits

1. OK, now for some apparent reason, I know a few couples that are in the process of conception. Let me first say how much fun that must be. Seriously, you get an excuse to get laid and you are actually, like accomplishing something. You get yelled at for abandoning ship, instead encouraged to man batten the hatches and weather the storm. Anyone who has ever been in a birth control relationship knows the joys of oral contraceptives.

But to the point, baby names.

Please please please do not banish your child to the plight of eternal gaydom by giving him a retarded contrived name. What is wrong with the names that people have been using for years? It has been economically proven that giving your child a contrived name sets him up for less prosperity. He will be looked upon more favorable by his peers if his name is Samuel, John, or Paul. So what if there are three other Michael's and Maria's in his class and his initials aren't pretty, other people had the right idea as well!

Black people, are you listening? You live in America now, you don't have to invent some African name that isn't even African to feel that you are following in kind with your culture. Look at other cultures.. How many messed up Asian names do you hear, you don't see them giving their children Asian names in America.. How many Harry Woo's and John Kim's do u know....

You are securing not only his/her sexuality but, his/her future lively hood. You are investing when you make babies people, don't waste your livelihood.

2. Women, eat your damn food. Please stop pulling of bread, exploring sauces and eating only the meat and not the lettuce. The menu does not say:

  • A large patty of meat, served in a delectable prearrangement that is easy reconfigured for maximum flavor, suggested reconfiguration in burger form
Order it, eat it. That simple. If you want to loose weight, eat healthy, eat less more often, and get of your ass and take the stairs. Stop picking at food like birds, its just UN-damn-civilized.


I'm sorry, this is just funny

everything bagel extra garlic and coffee, black

I am starting to love coffee, it dosen't keep me awake at all but every so often it jolts me into action. A shot of espresso is always welcomed, albiet with no sugar or creme which are horribly fattening. It supposedly makes you smarter and speeds your metabolism, awww yeaah..

So lets hear it for the Colts one more time, and the surgery that is The Payton Manning offense.

They are moving my office upstairs which I am not happy with, I would much rather be downstairs where I can make calls and be unproductive.. Maybe it is a good thing however, I need more motivation in my life. Not working out (just cardio) because of my hand has robbed me of some resolve. I have decided to make to do lists every night on the suggestion of the fox, who swears by them.

Listening to Stadium Arcadium, by the RHCP. Such a great band, amazing to me after all this time they are still so tight and putting out great music.

My mother had a long talk with me last night on the merits of successful life choices. She instructed that it is better to complete things first before skipping around as I often do. She told me to build with bricks, not with shifting sand. I like that. I noticed and mentioned that I always skip up stairs when i'm am ascending. We agreed that I need to stop skipping, however I don't have to walk. I can run.

MBA i'm gunning for ya, but lets get this degree first.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Ayn Rand and That new book smell

I dislike Ayn Rand, I was reading something about her on a friends blog and decided to rant my responce to such:

I just got blink from Zooba, how exciting. I love that new book smell.

While one can hardly argue with the tenents of Rand in such observations about sexual interaction, her objectivist argument I feel is flawed fundamentally. Be careful not be so taken with a view of human nature that is askew from that which science represents and presented in a mere fiction novel.

Rand attempts to argue that the only productive human action is by nature in pursuit of personal progress. Those who do not follow this pursuit, are what she deems dependent, and society as a hole is divided by those who are dependent and those who are productive. Her treaste for the book is that if the productive citizens 'shrugged' the whole world would feel it, however I feel that this is not in accordance with science.

Populations throughout time have proven to be most successful when functioning in successive cooperation, building upon the ability of specialized production. This principle is illustrated in life numerous times and it is the highly evolved compartmentalized aspect found throughout nature.

The organelles of the cell, plebeians and the patricians, the lion pride, even a bee hive..Think of all the behaviors in society that would be proved impossible if practiced universally. The engineer, the novelist, the farmer, all occupations based upon societies and economies of scale. Capitalism is based in complex organizations home to vast inequalities existing between the productive and the less so.

Societies will always be composed of inequalities, and to write as Rand does that lassiez faire capitalism is in the highest accord with human nature, and then to follow with a theory so contradictory to such claims in my humble opinion is difficult.

And they called it stormy monday..

Nice day, but a bit chilly as to be expected. My glorious superbowl champion Indianpolis Colts are now supreme, as I envisioned so long ago.

Super 14 started this week, to take the place of my beloved football weekends now I have glorious high octane Australian rugby to watch.

Spent most of the weekend with the Fox, and we are still getting along so well. We went to lunch on friday, shopping at the mall, and had sleepovers. Ah Bliss.

Man I am so tired today, I am beginning to loathe Spanish class, as it isn't very interesting. I want to take a Spanish literature class next, as I think I would pick it up much more quickly that way.

Got an excellent letter of reccomendation from an old finance professor, he had great things to say about me and I really felt good about myself. This grad school thing is going to work out swell I think...