Friday, April 6, 2007

Noodles anyone

Nice Setup

I wish they could of told us how they were caught...

Thursday, April 5, 2007

And Ye Shall Recieve

Tri-vocational once again! I like the new job (serving at Mozaik) thus far, which I will be working days, in tandem with my day position, as well as my night job at Z-Bardhi's.

I was musing with a comrade the other day about the educational system. He asked if I had any doubts about the seemingly insurmountable feat of economics graduate school. I told him that if at any point I actually put in the recommended effort for any class, I would be a Rhodes scholar. I have never encountered any subject that I was unable to grasp, merely ones that I deeply dislike (speech, psychology to a certain degree, information theory). I have procrastinated along, and would welcome a true challenge.

So the situation is at Def-Con something in my current living situation, I have been taking frequent refuge at the Fox compound. In the latest rampage of my aggressors over a misunderstanding on who owned a red wire basket, a box of my strawberries and prune juice were thrown away. I am now issuing an informal declaration of war on her and her slovenly shrew sympathisers. I will not act in the near future, I will wait for the perfect moment, say three months from now.

All confrontation is based on deception (Sun-Tzu) and I will deceive them into thinking I have forgotten that which I will stew upon until I am tepid like lobster bisque. They will pay for their transgressions against my food supply and personal items, very dearly.

Leaving for Orlando friday night to begin Easter festivites, and I will return on Sunday for Sopranos!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Waisting Time

I really need a new day gig. I want so desperately to be productive, however I have lost all desire to perform at my current occupation. I find it utterly void of interest as the Internet and wikipedia entertain me for the majority of my day.

I am coming to realize that the surefire way to be really successful at whatever one endeavors to do is to really enjoy what one does. I find that this commonly held belief is so true lately, as I still tend to gravitate towards the restaurant industry. A place where tender is callous and cold yet still warms the pockets on the way home, where speculation is rampant, work is fast paced, and the most proficient usually reap the greatest rewards.

More and more I am believing that I am really going to have to find something I like to make large sums of money rather than merely performing some task that pays the most.

The fox keeps asking for a pet, a small annoying dog that she can coo at or some sort of feline. We can't agree on the most desirable breed, and I really have no desire to aid in such decision anyway. I think these things are sources of great dismay when situations go sour, and my past experience has led me to keep as many options open as possible. That said, things continue to go swimmingly as I am taking her home for Easter this weekend.

We got into an argument this weekend and she blurted out quite comically "Not everyone gets up at the crack of dawn to exercise and buy stock!"
Yes my pet... but they should :)