Monday, April 23, 2007


So final exams this week, one tomorrow, two on Wednesday, and one on Thursday. Regularly scheduled blogging has been disrupted because of such, as well as my working excessively to prepare myself for whatever drastic paradigm shifts I will endure in the coming days.

The BBMC (Big Beef Man Compound) is now where I am basing my operations, my roommates are very cool guys and we all seem to get along very well. We have a nice little dog that is full of energy and listens very well..

The fox is still around, making her presence known by visiting when able. We act almost exactly the same as we did before the break up, however I believe there are some differences in shared opinions on the relationship at this juncture. We are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend for one, yet this appears to be only a superficial alteration.

The iron furnace of pain beckons to me again these past few days as I have an increased desire to move metal and reform my body in the mold of David.

So wish me luck on my finals~!