Wednesday, May 16, 2007

As the world turns/burns

Lately it almost seems like my decisions are being made for me. After a long weekend of debauchery intermingled with glimpses of possible futures it seems like Tampa is where my compass points to next. Interviews have never been a problem for me ever since I began overcompensating insecurity with arrogance, and feelings of superiority. I am so confident at times I feel hot flashes of fear trickle down my spine, I know this is always a mistake.

I am great under pressure because I don't really fear failure, and I feel that I will not stop until I reach success. If I am to fail now, then I will succeed later because I will spend all effort in this world doing so. I am a subscriber to destiny, and sometimes I think that the ribs and spine of our lives can be seen for short instants if you pay attention.

One of my last classes is a bullshit anthropology, I knew there was a reason why I never took a class in it before. However it is not completely void of new knowledge, a drug which I can never be inoculated from, a life long addict. The samurai philosophy is one that is always fascinating to read about.

Some Selections :

Singlemindedness is all-powerful.

Tether even a roasted chicken.

Continue to spur a running horse.

A man who will criticize you openly carries no connivance.

A man exists for a generation, but his name lasts to the end of time.

Walk with a real man one hundred years and he'll tell you at least seven lies.

To ask when you already know is politeness. To ask when you don't know is the rule.

Wrap your intentions in needles of pine.

One should not open his mouth wide or yawn in front of another.

Do this behind your fan or sleeve.

A straw hat or helmet should be worn tilted toward the front.