Thursday, June 28, 2007


Dave, you can put the $5 billion away," he told News Corp. CFO Dave DeVoe. He consulted with three advisers about whether to withdraw: group general counsel Lon Jacobs and corporate-affairs chief Gary Ginsberg, who were in the room, and his son and News Corp. heir apparent James Murdoch, the CEO of News Corp.'s European satellite-TV system, who called in from a yacht near Valencia, Spain. Murdoch wanted to jolt the Bancroft family back to reality, and if the deal was going to die, he wanted to be the one to kill it. "If we clean this up to our satisfaction, the family will reject it. So why don't we just reject them? - Rupert Murdoch Speaks

Wow, on a yacht? Anytime I hear about yachts I get excited, I just visualize effective sovereignty on the high seas. Dark fendis with white robes that have my name embroidered on the lapel, Ridel glass holding my morning mimosa.. Aspirations begin with dreams.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A ha!

I read an interesting albeit opinionated article today. Do read.