Monday, November 19, 2007

Worth getting hurt

Yes, I think the game is, although sometimes I question that affirmation. I played in the Florida cup this weekend, we lost. I love game, such a testament to what can be done through teamwork. Ironic for me that I wound up playing rugby, the penultimate team sport when I consider myself such an individual. I counter all the what if questions with what if I got killed tomorrow. I believe fate is a destination, the road maybe modified but the course remains constant.

I have always been against tattoos. My thoughts were that the body is a canvas, painted by that which gave life. Any modification to it is disrespect, like adding something to a timeless painting. Yet lately I've been toying with the idea of getting my favorite saying embroidered upon my flesh (the first noble truth). A close friend made me consider it when she mentioned the implausibility of my direction after death being determined by the condition of my skin. We agreed that it would have to be in another country, just to add to authenticity and value.