Wednesday, November 28, 2007

John McCain and the rest of them

Watching the guy in this Youtube debate just annoys me further. Look at him, his tattered skin draped upon a frame weakened from age. His neck draped over his collar like a turkey the pilgrims long forgot. He is exactly what bothers me about this 100 million strong mass of people retiring right now. So many of them believe that age equals wisdom and that change is forever cyclical.

Technology has changed the face of society many times . Yes, while our behavior has produced many predictable sequences, history does not always repeat itself. Things change. We lost in Vietnam. If we were still occupying Vietnam, or we didn't pull out when Vietcong were flooding the streets of Saigon, I might agree with you. A war that begins with thousands of pounds of laser guided missiles destroying a city as old as time is not the same as Vietnam.

You know, if there was a candidate that came out with some serious plans and vision. If there was a candidate that had ideas that weren't just carbon copies of the rest. If there was a candidate that didn't just lie. Then, it wouldn't be politics.

P.S If I hear one more time that Clinton was the greatest president, I'll kill someone. Clinton was good because he didn't screw shit up (generally), that said, he didn't do much. He surely isn't responsible for the bull run of the 90's. Just my 2 cents.