Friday, December 14, 2007

Who cares

Does anyone really care if you used steroids or not? No, no one really cares. The NFL wouldn't be as cool with out them. I don't really like baseball, but same deal. All these old fogies and historians complaining about records being tarnished. So what, did you think they'd stand forever? What is a record but a memory in the minds of men, that exists only because people choose to remember it. What happen when people forget or die. I am sure Babe Ruth, wherever he might be right now could give a damn about how many balls he hit out of a park.

If people want to jack themselves up, by all means it shouldn't be illegal. Isn't this a free country? If you could shoot up for a chance at millions of dollars, to become an icon, or break records I am sure given the opportunity most would do it. Just enhancing what is already apparent, it isn't like these people are getting grafts of new genetics.

Not that I take any gear or would ever. It is kind of like weed, it should be decriminalized. I know there is stuff that makes you go nuts, get aggressive, and grow boobs. Well news flash, people will abuse it if it's legal or not.

Stuff annoys me. Oh and my previous post was kind of a rant, and yes it is far fetched. It was a fun thought though.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Long Asia, Short NY

Much to the chagrin of every JAP that I know I am posting this.

RandomSouthFloridaPrincess: Uggh, I just have to get back to the city, I miss it so much
Me: Yeah, I've never been to New York
RandomSouthFloridaPrincess: mouth drops WHAT? Are you serious? serious tone Oh my god you have to go..

Well, sorry to say, but an empire never lasts forever. I think Asia which has more people, more resources, more room to grow, most importantly cheaper labor and human capital.

If you are an economics nerd, like I so happen to be, then you would argue that certain areas in Asia have a surplus of relative factor endowments. True, the growth in Asian economies has been fueled by our excessive marginal propensity to consume, but our consumption will collapse with the downfall of our greatest asset in mortgage equity. With the slowdown in domestic investment coupled with the fall in the value of the dollar, NY will suffer and the financial industry will immigrate. Leaving the city fueled entirely by entertainment. A menagerie of fashion and freaks, a permanent circus attraction. Well, I've never been there so maybe I'm not qualified to say so, but I am anyway.

Five people just left the blog for good after reading all of that.

``We still are negative on the dollar relative to most major currencies, so we bought stocks in companies that earn their money in other currencies,'' Buffett said Oct. 25. Buffett, 77, is chairman of Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

`Moving to Asia'

Jim Rogers, a former partner of investor George Soros, said last month he's selling his house and all his possessions in the U.S. currency to buy China's yuan.

``The dollar is collapsing,'' Rogers said last week in an interview. ``I'm moving to Asia because moving to Asia now is like moving to New York in 1907 or London in 1807. It's the wave of the future.'' -- Bloomberg

Pretty soon, it'll be "OMG you haven't been to HONG KONG? you have to go!"

Great Article

“I’m no demographer, but I think what’s happened in the U.S. is the normalization of the Jew,” says Leon Botstein, who, as the president of Bard College, has seen all sorts of students cross his field of vision. “They’ve become as complacent and culturally undistinguished as the average, suburban, white middle-class American.”

A bit heavy on the genetics, might want to keep wikipedia open if you don't know what a heterozygote. I read NY times and NY magazine, you would think that I should be living there. I think the city must be slowly dying at this point however, I am probably on the tail end of it's reign. Like Tom Wolfe said recently, pretty soon NY will just be a Disney Land.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting close to the end

What more can I liquidate to keep myself above water. I think about these past few months and it amazes me that I have made it this far.

I am not a gambler, but I take huge risks. With God's help I hope this one will finally pay off, because I am running out of options. If innovation is the key to success, then I need to get real creative, real quick.


I watched the dude on Meet the Press this morning. I admire him because he is a successful unabashed capitalist. I dislike him because he is a dirty man that thinks a legacy of shady action can be overshadowed by his politics. He is a less calculating Dick Cheney, obviously not much more intelligent than George Bush (apparent when he repeatedly stumbled while questioned about his questionable liaisons).

I'm not trying to turn this into a political blog, but I just keep finding myself defending my choice not to vote. All of the candidates thus far have proven sad. It seems that this year will be the lesser of the evils decision for America yet again.

I did see a great movie yesterday, Irreversible, with Monica Bellucci. Italian subtitles, indie, art house, viceral, thought provoking.. Check check check.